What do students and parents have to say about Port City Music?

"My grandson began his musical journey at the age of five at Port City Music. He arrived at PCM's studio as a blank slate with a willingness to learn and a keen interest in violin and piano. PCM provided him with a caring and skilled teacher who continues to guide and nurture him. The studio is an inviting learning space, staffed with a variety of talented musicians/teachers. It's exciting to think about where this journey will lead in the future, but we will always remember that the first steps began with the decision to come to PCM."

~ David ~ grandparent

"We have had the BEST experience here. Natalies always looks forward to coming to her lesson. Ms. Meredith is so wonderful and Natalies loves her very much. We look forward to many more lessons. Everyone here has been so kind." 

~ Carey ~ parent

"Since I've been taking lessons at Port City Music, I've changed completely. Music has really helped me find who I am, and it has changed my life. It's crazy how much music can make you happy. I have such incredible teachers that have helped me develop and strive to be better throughout the years. It's exciting to go every week. I would not have picked anywhere else to take lessons other than Port City Music."

~ Sable ~ student

"I am so impressed with the level of knowledge displayed by the instructors at Port City Music. I love how they not only teach fundamentals of music but they open up the students to different genres so as to build a real appreciation for the art of music." 

~ Jill ~ parent

"At PCM it is fun to learn and Mr. Brett is cool."

~ Cyrus ~ student

"Port City Music is the best! Ms. Meredith is so kind and patient with my young musician." 

~ Betsy ~ parent

"I am so thankful for PCM! I am glad that I have been able to pursue singing with a great teacher and school. Port City Music is a great place to expound upon your musical knowledge."

~ Hannah ~ adult student

"My daughter just started voice instruction at Port City Music. I have been so impressed with the professionalism and friendliness. Hannah has taught Lindsay so much in just two sessions. I really appreciate the whole child approach and feedback! Awesome group!"

~ Gina ~ parent

"I like Port City Music because it's the best."

~ Carina ~ student

"Our Daughters have been taking Piano Lessons with Port City Music for almost 7 years. We couldn't be happier! You can see their passion for teaching music! We love the individual time our daughters get with the instructors!"

~ Dayiam ~ parent

"We love Mr. Paul. He is kind and patient!"

~ Harbor and Cameron ~ student and parent

"I have always wanted to learn the saxophone, but never made the time to do so. After retiring from the Marine Corps, I decided pursue learning this amazing and versatile instrument. I researched all around Jacksonville, NC, where I reside, and did not find what I was looking for. Fortunately, I found Port City Music! The school is wonderful and my instructor, Pedro, is amazing. Over the last 6 months (I started Dec 2014), my learning experience has been tremendous. I look forward to the continued professional and noteworthy musical journey. It is worth the commute from Jacksonville!"

~ Jeff  ~ adult student

"My son takes guitar lessons with Mr. Brett. He teaches good. He is very patient and kind."

~ Angelina ~ parent

"I think that Port City Music is a great place to learn how to play an instrument. I am taking piano lessons with Ms. Meredith, and I think she is a wonderful teacher. I enjoy taking lessons with her because she helps me understand how to play songs if I need it, and gives me tips on how to improve on songs, and because she talks with me and gets to know how I am and vice versa. :)"

~ Devyn ~ student

"My child has been taking lessons from a teacher at Port City for almost 9 years and my daughter is still in love with playing piano and looks forward to playing everyday! Port City Music is amazing!!"

~ Nicole ~ parent

"It is super duper amazing and I've learned so much!"

~ Anna ~ student

"I have worked with three of the instructors and with the owner herself. I am impressed with each of them. As the parent of an autistic child and neurotypical children, it's important to me to find the right match of instructors for my kids. I couldn't be more pleased! I drive all the way from Hampstead, passing by other music studios, to get to Port City Music. It's worth it!"

~ Veronica ~ parent
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